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1-Year-Old Maayan Z’l Killed By Drunk Driver Under Influence Of Drugs

By 04/30/2023 10:04 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

A Nokdim family was traveling south in their car to spend the Fourth of July in the Negev. A mother, a father, and their four kids, including Maayan Domnowitz, a 1-year-old.

A young woman was speeding down the deserted Negev roads on the opposite side of the street, dodging and swerving recklessly. She was being driven dangerously when a car behind her called the police, but it was to no purpose.

Shortly after, the woman, 25-year-old Rishon Letzion resident Yana Blum, struck the Domnowitz family’s car, seriously injuring Maayan’s father, Eliya, and 7-year-old brother, Ori, and killing Maayan.

The other passengers in the vehicle were moderately hurt; one careless driver tore apart an entire family.

Police discovered Yana to be intoxicated and under the influence of marijuana, which was unsurprising given that she suffered severe injuries in the collision.

She had also previously been caught driving while intoxicated, and her license had even been suspended.

Yana had not learned her lesson because she kept on going carelessly. Yana did not apologize after the accident and said she “didn’t remember anything” when she first awoke.

The accident, which happens on Israel’s roadways far too frequently, was easily avoidable. Yana shouldn’t have been on the roads, shouldn’t have been permitted to drive for at least ten years without taking a test to evaluate her level of attentiveness, and shouldn’t have been gone without being closely watched by police.

She should have been stopped by police just for driving recklessly after they received a report about her. A system should be in place to alert vehicles when someone is breaking the law on the road nearby.

Yana was ultimately detained and will face charges of unintended homicide, drunk driving, and other offenses.

This won’t bring Maayan back, but the public outcry over the disaster is hoped to stop future families from going through the same colossal tragedies.

Maayan was laid to rest in a somber service at Kfar Etzion without his hurt parents present. Please offer prayers for Shachar Yisrael Ben Ayala Mali, Ori Amidan Ben Ayala Mali, Ayala Bat Mali Nehama, and Eliyah Yinon Shraga Ben Bia Yardena.


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