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2 Kidnapped Americans Found Dead In Mexico

By 03/07/2023 3:10 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

According to a top Mexican official, two of the four Americans kidnapped in Mexico last week after their van got into a shootout were discovered dead. The other two were found, one of them injured but still alive.

Américo Villarreal, the governor of Tamaulipas, withheld information on the severity of the injured person’s wounds, saying only that “right now, the ambulances and the rest of the security personnel are going to give the corresponding support.”

The governor withheld information on where or how they were discovered.

According to a report from the FBI published on Sunday, the Americans who had been abducted on Friday were still missing.

According to a cousin of one of them, they traveled from South Carolina together so that one of them could receive a belly tuck from a doctor in Matamoros, a border town across from Brownsville, Texas.

They were apprehended shortly after entering Mexico amid gunfire between opposing cartel factions in the city. Gunmen were seen in a video loading them into the bed of a pickup truck. According to Mexican authorities, a Mexican woman also perished in the crossfire on Friday.

During a morning news conference by Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Villarreal verified the murders via phone, revealing information regarding the four kidnapped Americans.

In his complaint, Obrador criticized the American media for sensationalizing their reporting on the missing Americans. It’s not like when Latinos are killed in the United States; they disappear like mummies.

It’s terrible since they (the US government) have a legal right to protest in this way, he said. We are incredibly sorry that this occurs in our nation.

The gunshots highlight the prevailing fear in Matamoros, a community ruled by rival Gulf drug cartel gangs that frequently engage in fighting. In Tamaulipas state alone, thousands of Mexicans have vanished amid the turmoil.


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