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20,000 Vehicles and Sea of Protesters Gather Outside Knesset To Raise Voice Against COVID Restrictions

By 02/15/2022 3:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Similar to Canada’s “Freedom Convoy”, a colossal group of Israelis demanded the lifting of the State of Emergency declared in the nation due to the coronavirus pandemic, with a campaign titled: “Take back the wheel.”

As many as 20,000 vehicles participated in a “Freedom Convoy” to Jerusalem on Monday, culminating with large protests outside Israel’s parliament and Supreme Court. Vehicles set off on Monday morning from forty cities across Israel, including a large convoy of trucks, tractors, cars, and motorcycles that traveled across Israel’s main highways with supporters lining bridges and large traffic junctions throughout the day. 

Source: REUTERS/Amir Cohen

The protest was centered around ​​a campaign named “Take back the wheel”—meaning undoing the state of emergency and repealing the so-called “major corona law” granting the government special powers to deal with the spread of the virus, organizers said in a statement. The project was organized by laypeople and funded via a crowdfunding campaign.

Apart from the central thought, the convoy has five additional goals, which are:

  • Returning children to their normal routines, including an end to the mask mandate. 
  • A complete opening of the economy, including getting rid of testing and other COVID-19 safety requirements. 
  • Full disclosure of contracts and protocols that have been withheld from public review and consumption, such as the full contract between the Israeli Health Ministry and pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.
  • Ending the violation of individual privacy through street cameras or other illegal surveillance.
  • Respecting individual human rights unconditionally by the government regardless of vaccination status.


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