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2nd attack on Jewish man recorded at Williamsburg

By 08/18/2021 6:55 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The physical attacks on Jewish citizens have claimed its second victim in Williamsburg at Keep Street & Kent Avenue on Tuesday evening.

The NYPD with the help of Hatzolah and Shomrim successfully arrested the suspect who attacked the Jewish man who is now undergoing treatment of his wounds.

On Monday night, a Jewish man was also physically beaten, robbed of his cell phone, and slapped in the face in Williamsburg.

The incident unfolded at the edge of Williamsburg, at Nostrand Avenue & Vernon Street, where a tall man started screaming at the man: “Oh, the F**n Jews are back in the hood, you F*n Jew, Hitler should’ve killed you as well; Hitler should’ve killed all other F**n Jews”, the victim tells Yid Info.

After contacting Williamsburg Shomrim to report the harassment, the victim started filming the suspect chanting these disgraceful anti-Semitic slurs.

Moments later, a woman with a blue hoodie demanded the Jewish man to stop recording. With the first amendment rights in the USA, the man used his privilege and continued recording this evil anti-Semite.

The woman approached the victim, while covering her face with the hoodie, and grabbed away his phone. She also slapped the man in his face, ripped his shirt, before running away.

The victim gave chase to the woman and he stopped her after half a block and demanded that she returns his phone. The woman refused.

A group of six people came to get defense and started shouting anti-Semitic slurs at the man. They then punched the man, helping the girl to flee the scene.

Seconds later, Williamsburg Shomrim arrived at the scene and de-escalated the situation.

The NYPD 79th Precinct arrived at the scene and started screaming: “Why were you recording?” The young man answered: “Under the First Amendment, I am allowed.”

Hatzolah and EMS treated the Jewish victim with an eye injury and bleeding to his mouth, a result of being punched in his chin.

Despite the victim showing the video to the police, how the woman grabbed his phone, and he also showed his injuries, the police refused to make an arrest. They maintained that it’s only harassment.

This area saw several anti-Semitic attacks recently. Residents are terrified and outraged that a physical attack is ignored and dismissed.


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