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2nd Night Of Unrest In Philadelphia, Rioters Wreak Havoc, Loot Stores

By 10/28/2020 11:30 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

On the second night since the police killing of Walter Wallace Jr., protesters, and looters in Philadelphia rained hellfire in the city, raiding businesses, burning cars, and clashing with the police. 30 police officers have been injured and over 91 protesters have been arrested. 

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Chaos erupted in Philadelphia on Monday, demanding police reforms after the death of armed suspect Walter Wallace Jr., who was shot by two police officers whilst yielding a knife. Authorities said he ignored repeated warnings to drop the weapon and charged toward the officers, which then resulted in the shooting. According to a family attorney, officers had responded to Wallace’s home twice before earlier in the day. The third call to the first responders was meant for an ambulance to help him deal with a mental health crisis.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Following several incidents of police brutality in the context of racial injustice, Black Lives Matter protests have seen an upsurge in the nation. A similar protest broke out almost instantly on Monday in Philadelphia, demanding justice for Wallace.

While the first night wasn’t quite as peaceful either, the second night of the protests on Tuesday got even more violent as 1000 looters raided and targeted businesses, lit a car on fire, and even injured 30 cops, one of whom is in a critical condition. At one point, it has been seen in a viral video that the protesters also ran a Sargent over with a speeding car. 

Last night, the Philadelphia Police Department warned people to avoid the Port Richmond area where at least 1,000 looters were ransacking businesses that included a Burlington Coat Factory, Target, Walmart, and Dollar General. Videos posted on Twitter showed people running out of a Walmart with clothes, electronics, and other merchandise. One person was even seen taking away what appeared to be a washing machine. 

In response to the situation that went out-of-control, the National Guard was deployed and the police department requested residents in several districts remain indoors, except when necessary. “These areas are experiencing widespread demonstrations that have turned violent with looting,” a tweet from the city’s Office of Emergency Management read. 

As of now, the investigation into Wallace’s death is ongoing and it has not been determined when police body camera footage of the shooting will be released. The names of the two officers involved in the shooting have also not been released.


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