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3 dumb strategies that Instagram scammers use to earn $10k/Month

By 11/11/2021 1:40 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

You might not believe it but Instagram scammers are actually using three dumb strategies to earn $10,000 a month.
If you decide to read this article in full, we will discuss below the three dump strategies Instagram scammers use to rake in a ton of money from the public.

1. A rich CEO and the Flipping Money Scam

Based on studies, one of the common methods Instagram scammers used to victimize people is to pretend that they are a rich CEO of a company.
To convince people that he is a wealthy person he would usually showcase 500 Lamborghini Veneno cars and 350 private jets and claim that he lives in a hotel in the middle of the ocean, all by himself.
Once people are mesmerized by his wealth, they would then look into his bio and in that bio, he would usually claim to work for a money-flipping organization.
There’s a link to the organization’s page, and it’s funny how curiosity kills the cat at the worst times.
The feed of this scam page is filled with authentic proof in the form of images, positive reviews, even videos (by their fake influencers) that help them promote the page.
Now, you think it’s impossible to fall for it.
In this instance, the scammer would convince the victim to flip $500 into $5,000 and that it will be ready in 45 minutes.
Time passes, and there’s no credit alert. The victim asks why.
The response may be that they need an extra $350 to process the payment. And it just keeps increasing, depending on how badly the individual falls for it. They then request the victim’s Instagram password, card details, and whatnot (to process the payment).
If the victim successfully gives in, they log the victim out of their Instagram account or hack it, and use it as an opportunity to make advertising posts, saying how legit it is. And there goes the process.
In just 45 minutes, the scammer would earn a ton of cash from his victims.

2. The Blackmail scam

Another common method Instagram scammers used is the blackmail strategy.
In this method, the scammer would pretend to be a girl working in an adult content site.
He would then tell the clueless victim that she earns a ton of money from her work.
In this instance, the scammer would ask the victim to join her and earn a ton of money as well.
If the victim is enticed the scammer would ask her for naked pictures and start an erotic chat with her.
After some time, the scammer would then screenshot the adult photos and erotic chats and ask the victim to pay $300 if she wanted the chats and photos to be deleted.
Some people who do not want scandal are forced to pay these people but if you are smart you should not fall prey to this scam and just block the scammer outright.

3. A fake photo contest that makes the scammer earn $99/Person

One of the common strategies some Instagram scammers used is to announce a fake photo contest.
Let’s say the contest host owns an Instagram contest account called “Miss Ultimate Beauty,” which has 87k followers (fake and bought) and also follows 0 people.
This contest page has quality studio-shot photos of women or men with the contest guidelines as the caption to the photos. It’s also marked “closed.” And there’s a winner with a fake selected cash prize.
The scammer would then ask the interested participant to pay $99 to join.
Wanting to earn money the quickest way many participants would pay $99 just to join the contest.
However, instead of winning many contestants would realize that the contest is fake and that they are already scammed.
To avoid getting victimized by these scammers always be careful and mindful when you use Instagram now.


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