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5 New Features In The Upcoming Android 12: Based On The Developer Preview

By 02/21/2021 8:30 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The much-awaited Android 12 is right around the corner, and there’s a barrage of new features that we’ve compiled for you, based on the developer’s version that is making its rounds. Among a few of the most interesting new finds in the OS include an Emergency SOS feature, some redesigns, bigger notifications, and a whole lot more!

The Emergency SOS Feature:

The new Emergency SOS feature is now much easier to access on Android 12. Before, making an emergency call required you to hold the power button down, tap the emergency button, then tap twice on the Call 911 button. In Android 12, however, it can be activated by rapidly pressing the power button five times, which will trigger a countdown telling you that an emergency call is about to be placed.

The feature by default calls 911, but users can set it to call a different number. Although in case this number isn’t a government-run emergency line, your phone will have to be unlocked for the call to go through.

Source: Android Authority

Design Changes

Developers and tech enthusiasts have noted a few redesigns in the OS here and there, some of which include a change in the Settings app search bar and the lock screen and notification media player, and even a feature flag that “dramatically” changes the settings UI to be easier to use one-handed, as tweeted by Mishaal Rahman. Furthermore, it has also been found that some screens in the settings app have blue-tinted backgrounds. 

As reported by 9to5Google, there’s a dedicated snooze button now, and the icon bubbles are now much larger. This looks like it reduces the density of notifications, but it’s still very early days for Android 12, so it’s possible changes could be made or toggles could be added to control whether you want to see the larger app icon.

Ability to enable or disable specific apps from the quick settings section

When diving into your device Settings > Sound and vibration > Media, you will now not only be able to disable the Media Player within your device Quick Settings or notification shade, you can disable any app that might have audio controls or player status. For example, while using headphones, for instance, only those apps you have “allowed” will be able to resume playing or be found within the media control panel of your Quick Settings.

Source: LicenseToBlog

Ability To Share WiFi Password To Guests

With Android 12, Google is looking at using the Nearby Share feature to share WiFi passwords. Google already allows users to share WiFi passwords using a QR code or just the password they can see after using their fingerprint to verify their identity, but with the latest OD the tech giant is adding on to this functionality by bringing Nearby Share to the WiFi password screen. 

If you go into a network’s settings and tap the “Share” button, you’ll see a dedicated button for Nearby Share which, on tapping, will allow users to quickly share the SSID and password of a network with other Android users in the vicinity.

A Revamp Of The Markup Tool

Android 12 is looking to significantly revamp the Markup tool with the ability to add text and emoji to screenshots. The first change to the screenshotting experience sees users no longer be able to tap an “X” to remove the bottom-left corner notification. Instead, users can clear by swiping right-to-left.

Once you tap “Edit,” you’re greeted with a near-identical UI as before. However, undo/redo has been moved to the top bar next to Share and Trash. The first tool at the bottom is crop, which is no longer always-active in the preview. Next is the ability to insert text with the keyboard automatically opening and seven colors available. You can pinch in-and-out to adjust size, while a tap on the overlay lets you delete. The big feature is adding emoji stickers with six defaults shown. An overflow menu brings up the full picker.


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