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5 Top Privacy Tips To Use On TikTok

By 08/22/2022 7:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

With a majority of Americans using TikTok on a daily basis, it makes it all the more important to know how to make your accounts secure. To do so, follow these top 5 tips and stay safe online!

Keep Your Videos Safe From Downloading

TikTok’s default setting allows users to download any video by any users by default. To prevent people from downloading your videos, go to Profile > three-dash menu > Settings and privacy. Tap Downloads underneath the Interactions heading. Toggle Video downloads to Off, and you’re done. 

Keep Your Account From Being Recommended To Others

To secure your account further and keep it low-key, prevent TikTok from recommending your account to unknown people. Go to Profile > three-dash menu > Settings and privacy > Privacy. Tap Suggest your account to others. Toggle off all the options. Disable all of the settings to stop your account from being suggested at all, which will make it harder to find.

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Prevent People From Tagging You Without Permission

Preventing unwanted tagging is always a good idea when you wany to remain private and safe. To do so, first, you’ll need to find the mentions and tags settings. Go to Profile > three-dash menu > Settings and privacy > Privacy > Mentions and tags, and configure these settings:

  • Who can tag you: Choose between Everyone, People you follow, People that follow you back or No one.
  • Who can mention you: Again, choose between Everyone, People you follow, People that follow you back or No one.

Restrict Your Comments Section

To keep your comments section free from trolls and negative comments that are bad for you, moderate comments. To moderate your comments section, go to profile > three-dash menu > Settings and privacy > Privacy > Comments. Through this section you can change who can comment on your videos and Stories. Through this, you can choose between all of your Followers, Followers that you also follow or No one.

Next, you can choose to filter all comments, only spam and offensive comments or comments with certain keywords. All filtered comments will be hidden until you individually approve them. Alternatively, you can also review your filtered comments, choosing Approve or Delete to decide which comments will appear beneath your videos.



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