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A barrage of antisemitic tweets are sent to a Jewish congressman who complained about antisemitism on Twitter

By 02/13/2023 8:28 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff
A Jewish congressman received a barrage of antisemitic tweets after complaining about it during a House session.

Florida Democrat Jared Moskowitz wrote to Twitter CEO Elon Musk to detail the flood of nasty texts. He continued by saying that the experience supports his objections.

According to Moskowitz, what transpired on Twitter shortly after the hearing “validates my exact thesis that antisemitism is real and Twitter has become a hate-filled playground for Nazis and anti-Semites,” he said in an interview with CNN.

During a hearing on Twitter’s handling of the Hunter Biden laptop incident on Wednesday, Republicans came under fire for yelling, “God bless Elon Musk.” God bless the guys who are allowing Nazis and antisemites to spread on Twitter, Moskowitz retorted.

He referenced ADL data claiming that since Musk assumed control of Twitter, there has been a 60% increase in antisemitic remarks.

The reply section of Moskowitz’s post was “flooded with hateful, antisemitic comments and images” after he posted a clip of his line of questioning from the hearing, he claimed in his letter to Musk. “At the time that I am writing this letter, I have received over 200 such comments on one tweet,” he continued.

Moskowitz criticized President Trump for hosting the virulent antisemite Nick Fuentes while interrogating former Twitter executives. No, Republicans are not all Nazis, but I have to admit, Nazis seem to be very at ease around Donald Trump, he observed. Thus, I have inquiries regarding that.

“DHS notes that threat actors have lately mobilized to violence, and there is an “enduring threat” to the Jewish community,” Moskowitz continued in his letter to Musk.

How will you collaborate with other stakeholders to address the growth of antisemitism on Twitter in light of this direct and elevated danger environment?

“I sign off,” Moskowitz writes in his letter.

Similar worries were voiced by Jonathan Greenblatt, the Anti-Defamation League’s CEO.

According to Greenblatt, who spoke to CNN on Thursday, “antisemitism has no place on any social media site that doesn’t want to exacerbate the harassment and marginalization of vulnerable people.”

Although Twitter purports to have an anti-hate policy that prohibits antisemitism, its level of implementation is unknown.



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