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A Brooklyn-based NYPD officer is accused of covering up an anti-Semitic hate crime

By 04/23/2023 8:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

An aggressive antisemitic hate crime is allegedly being covered up by a police officer in Crown Heights.

Just over a week ago, at roughly 2:15 am on Eastern Parkway between Utica Avenue and Rochester Avenue, three Jews were approached by five black teens.

“You **** Jewish murderers,” one of the youngsters yelled before slapping the Jewish victim in the back of the head and ripping off his yarmulka.

The victim said that the attacker shouted, “Gotchu, you monkeys,” as he walked away and continued to spread hate.

Although the 77th Precinct officers responded swiftly, nothing could be done until the relevant precinct arrived because the event occurred in the 71st Precinct.

However, the police response deteriorated at that point.

The victim told a Jewish news organization in Brooklyn, “We called the police and got a callback.” Why would someone slap you? She asks. She gave me the impression that she didn’t trust me.

When Jennifer Livingston, the responding officer, got out of her cruiser, she allegedly replied, “I already spoke with my supervisor; it’s not going to be a hate crime.”

However, she had done almost little research up until that time. The officer kept downplaying the assault.

The site quoted a witness as stating, “I felt that the attitude of the policewoman was not too positive.”

She questioned the integrity of our account and the possibility that such a thing could have occurred.

Another witness claimed that as the police questioned the crime further, “she started saying how it could have been free speech, and that they can express themselves the way they want.”

The officer then placed the responsibility on the victim while writing a report, which she had first been hesitant to do before being coerced to do.

Another witness claimed the officer “victim-shamed the Jewish man” while taking the report. “She told him he should have stayed off the sidewalk, and it was his fault he was there,” he recalled.

When questioned why the event wasn’t classified as a hate crime, the officer flimsily responded that the NYPD bases its reports on what the Brooklyn District Attorney will pursue.

The victim stated, “She took down the information and said it was not a hate crime.”

Yaacov Behrman, an askan from Crown Heights, tweeted the following in response to this cover-up: According to NYPD, the matter is being investigated as a hate crime, and the officer is facing disciplinary punishment.


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