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A crowd cheers as a leftist wishes for Netanyahu and his wife’s deaths

By 09/10/2023 7:25 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


The left-wing vitriol against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the right-wing government seems to know no bounds.

On Motzei Shabbos, a left-wing protester expressed his desire for Netanyahu and his wife to pass away, and the crowd clapped in agreement.

The demonstration, which took place outside the Channel 14 News studio, was captured on tape, and the protester can be heard saying: “I hope that the couple’s health is good. We want to see them next year at the grave.

One was just hospitalized in the surgery department [Sara Netanyahu was briefly hospitalized over the weekend], and the other was suffering from dehydration and was at the Tel Hashomer Heart Institute.

At the Cabinet meeting on Sunday, Netanyahu addressed the widespread incitement against him and the administration.

The government ministers were referred to as “Nazis” by a prominent left-wing protest activist, and another prominent activist wrote to them on Twitter, “You are worse than the Nazis.

“Only a few hours after these horrifying statements, the protesters in Modi’in called for the murder of my wife and me. “You ought to be at the cemetery by now next year.

According to Netanyahu, none of the opposition figures have yet found it necessary to denounce these grave instances. I kindly request that they comply and work with us to defuse the unrest among the populace.
“I anticipate law enforcement authorities will take aggressive action to stop provocation and hold those who do so accountable.

Nearly nothing major has been done to stop this obvious incitement thus far. Protesting is not the same as inciting violence. “I believe we will actually have a better and sweeter year if we act as a team in the proper spirit and refuse to accept this fanaticism.

And I want the same for other Israelis.


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