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A Deeper Look At Suspension Bridge That Collapsed In India

By 10/31/2022 2:49 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The country’s worst calamity in years occurred on Sunday when a 143-year-old cable suspension bridge fell in the western Indian state of Gujarat.

The bridge was constructed utilizing the most recent technology available in Europe.

Several people fell into the ocean as its cables split, and the walkway gave way under the weight of hundreds of tourists.

At least 133 people had been killed as of late Monday, 177 had been hurt, and numerous others were still missing.

Here is a quick description of the bridge and the town of Morbi, where it is situated:

The “jhoolta pool,” or swinging bridge, which is 1.25 meters (4 feet) wide and 233 meters (764 feet) long, was built in 1879 under British administration.

Many people in India openly despise colonialism, but the Morbi bridge, which crosses a sizable portion of the Machchu river, appears to be an exception.

It is described as “a nostalgic reminiscence of Victorian London” and “an artistic and mechanical marvel of that age” on Gujarat’s official tourism website.

The organization that is in charge of operating and maintaining the bridge, Ajanta Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd., shut it down for maintenance.

On October 26, it was reopened.

That day marks the start of the Gujarati New Year, which falls during a time of Hindu festival celebrations.

There was a large crowd at the recently renovated attraction.

Ajanta, a company, based in Morbi, is most known for producing clocks, mosquito racquets, and electric bikes.

The corporation reportedly reopened the bridge to traffic without first acquiring a “fitness certificate,” according to local news sources.

It was unable to instantly confirm that assertion. Local authorities, though, promised a probe.

About 200,000 people live in Morbi city, which has seen prior disasters.

One of India’s worst dam disasters occurred in 1979 when an upstream dam on the Machchu river burst, pouring walls of water across the city and killing hundreds of people.

In Gujarat, an earthquake in 2001 resulted in thousands of fatalities. Morbi town, located 150 kilometers (85 mi) from the Bhuj epicenter, sustained significant damage.


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