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A Hasidic Man with Asthma Dies on a flight to New York After Dropping his inhaler

By 06/27/2023 3:44 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


After having an asthma attack and being unable to find his inhaler, a Hasidic man from Stamford Hill passed away on Monday.

Shimoin Brauer was reportedly on her way from London to New York to serve as a volunteer at an unknown summer camp, according to the Jewish News in Britain (

Tragically, while the 25-year-old’s aircraft was 45 minutes from landing, Brauer lost his inhaler while struggling to breathe.

The British Airways flight crew spent more than an hour trying to resuscitate an unconscious Brauer while giving him oxygen because they were unaware that he had experienced an asthma attack that had blocked his airway, according to social media posts by kosher travel website Vakazi.

The flight crew also made an effort to start CPR on Brauer.

Although they are uncommon, deadly asthma episodes can happen while flying. In 2018, a pilot refused to turn the plane back and make an emergency landing when a nine-year-old child died from an asthma attack 30 minutes into a trip from Auckland to Samoa, according to KidSpot (

20 minutes before the plane touched down in Samoa, the kid passed away. According to Forbes (, Olympic Airways was also sentenced to pay a California lady $1.4 million in damages after her husband passed away on a 1998 trip from Athens to New York as a result of his asthma being aggravated by secondhand smoke.

The trip attendants had repeatedly refused her pleas for a seat change.

However, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America advises that travelers disclose their medical status to flight attendants so that people with asthma can travel safely.


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