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A Jewish Family claims they were kicked out of the hotel on Shabbat because they were too noisy

By 07/18/2023 7:35 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


A sizable frum family claims that they went through a very trying and upsetting experience when they were forcibly removed from their hotel on Shabbos, in sweltering heat, by the police.

The information was extensively shared on social media on Sunday and was backed up by at least one witness, according to Hamodia.

The owner of Hunter Lodge apparently complained about the noise the children were making as they played on Shabbat afternoon and forced the extended family, which consisted of twenty children and twelve adults, to leave.

The family allegedly told the resort they were bringing many kids when they made their bookings before Shabbos.

The family reportedly apologized and stated that they were trying their best to keep all of the kids quiet, which was obviously not an easy task, after the staff apparently became agitated on Friday night as a result of the family’s actions. Staff again issued a warning to the family on Shabbat morning, alleging they had been made aware of a complaint regarding unattended youngsters.

The family claims they disagreed with the assertion but expressed regret and promised to take all reasonable precautions to keep the kids under control.
Although it hasn’t been proven, family members are said to think that hotel personnel, not a guest, submitted the noise complaint. The family claimed that they could not leave in the middle of Shabbos for religious reasons after being told to do so, but the unyielding owner nevertheless contacted the police.

Surprisingly, the State Police and Sheriff came to support local police and ordered the family to leave right away, despite the fact that the family claimed they begged the police to wait until after Shabbos.

Even more surprising, they apparently received threats of arrest and were informed that they would all be handcuffed.

“The proprietors and the cops showed no respect for our religion or the circumstances of the children, some of whom had special needs. It was a nasty situation. It seems unfathomable that they would not have anticipated that the kids would make noise while they played together given that we warned them in advance that we were coming with a large group of kids who do what kids do, which is run around and have fun.

We begged them to be understanding and let us stay, and they responded, ‘We’ll see you in court! It is difficult to comprehend that a lodge could treat a family with young children given the anguish we experienced.


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