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A man accused of shoving a woman into a moving NYC subway train is apprehended by New Jersey police

By 10/19/2023 6:40 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


According to authorities, a guy accused of pushing a woman onto the side of a moving subway train in New York City was apprehended in New Jersey on Thursday.

Police in Newark seized and sent Sabir Jones, 39, to the United States. Marshals Service,” stated Fritz Fragé, director of public safety for Newark. After Jones was recognized as the guy who “forcibly shoved” the 30-year-old lady while she was standing on a midtown Manhattan subway station, New York City police started looking for him on Wednesday.

The culprit exited the turnstiles and ran away from the area on foot.
The woman, who has not been named, was taken to the hospital and is listed in critical condition.

She was shoved as the train was leaving the station, which caused her head to hit the speeding train.

She slid down the roadbed and onto the tracks as the train left the station, according to Chief of Transit NYPD Michael Kemper, who briefed reporters on the incident on Wednesday.

The victim was then lifted off the rails by kind individuals who also dialed 911. Kemper claimed that thanks to publicly disseminated surveillance footage, police were able to recognize Jones, who was already well-known to them.

Less than two years prior to the assault, consultant Michelle Go, 40, was fatally thrown in front of a subway train at the Times Square station. The apparent random act of violence alarmed many New Yorkers who depend on the public transportation system.



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