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A Safety pin was successfully removed from a baby’s throat by Israeli surgeons

By 08/17/2023 8:46 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


On Sunday, doctors were able to successfully remove a safety pin from an infant’s esophagus.

The parents of the nine-month-old boy believed he had eaten a bone, so they took him to the emergency room at Assuta Ashdod Hospital, as first reported by Arutz Sheva.

The infant was taken for an X-ray even though, according to Dr. Hagar Gur-Soferman, director of the Pediatric Emergency Room, he appeared to be in fantastic condition. To the physicians’ amazement, an open safety pin was found at the child’s esophageal opening.

Drs. Schwartz and Jordan from the Otolaryngology department performed the baby’s surgery.

The procedure was successful, and the infant is said to be in good health. Following the procedure, Dr. Gur-Soferman stated: “A nine-month-old baby was brought to the emergency hospital by his father, who thought the child had put something in his mouth because he noticed uneasy movements around the mouth.

A foreign body was felt during the examination, and there was even a little bit of bleeding. Although he was brought to us in perfect shape, a photo was taken because of the odd story, and to everyone’s amazement, it revealed an exposed safety pin in the upper esophagus.

“Yesterday, we were concerned that our little son was holding something in his hand and quickly put it in his mouth,” the baby’s parents claimed. We opened our son’s mouth in the event that the foreign object had been ingested but were unable to find anything.

He started to choke at that point, so we made the rapid decision to act and phoned Magen David Adom, who rushed him to Assuta Hospital. We were given a chest x-ray, and it was discovered that he had definitely ingested a safety pin as a foreign item.

The medical professionals moved swiftly to place him in the surgery room. If in doubt, get medical help right away.


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