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A Simchas Torah event ban appeal was denied by the TA Court

By 10/05/2023 9:41 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


On Wednesday, the Tel Aviv District Court dismissed the Rosh Yehudi organization’s appeal against the city of Tel Aviv’s decision to revoke its permits to host Sukkos festivities there.

The municipality had granted permission to the Rosh Yehudi organization to build a sukkah in the city and host a hakafos sheniyos event.

This organization was responsible for organizing the Yom Kippur tefillah at Dizengoff Square that was forcefully suppressed by leftists. Following the conflicts on Yom Kippur, the municipality cancelled the permits, penalizing the victims rather than the offenders.

Director of Rosh Yehudi Yisrael Zeira called the judgment “an injustice that cries out to the heavens” and announced that he would appeal it to the Supreme Court. Rosh Yehudi’s petition against the Tel Aviv municipality’s restriction on a mechitzah at the Yom Kippur tefillah, however, was earlier turned down by the Supreme Court.

At the court, Zeira spoke to the media and declared: “Am Yisrael is thirsty for Torah and kedushah – with kippot or without kippot. There is a reaction when they damage the kedushah spark inside. Even the traditional and secular public appreciate the Torah.

“Last year, when 2,500 people attended tefillas Neilah in Dizengoff Square, it affected us. We felt moved when the Tel Aviv city government praised this tefillah by posting a picture of it on social media.

We were particularly inspired by the magnificent post that the editor of the satirical television program Eretz Nehederet published after the tefillah in support of the Rosh Yehudi organization and how it enables everyone to daven in the way that they understand. What thus altered this year?”

As long as the court permits it, the [hakofat shniyot] on Motzei Simchas Torah will be an unprecedented occurrence in Tel Aviv history. We think that even those who upset us this year had opportunity to make atonement for it.


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