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A suspect was detained on suspicion of allegedly damaging a mezuzah, stealing parchment, and drawing a swazia

By 07/30/2023 10:49 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


A skinhead was detained on suspicion of taking down a Mezuzah from a Brooklyn yoga studio and painting a sizable swastika, both of which are alleged hate crimes.

William Klare, 40, of the Bronx, was apprehended on Friday for the brutal assault that took place on Tuesday after someone recognized him from a newspaper article, saw him in Manhattan, and waved down the police. Dan Pollack, 56, claimed, “I followed him because it looked exactly like him.” “He was most definitely a fishy guy.”

Around 11:30 a.m., Klare allegedly entered the establishment. On a chalkboard this past Tuesday, a large swastika was drawn, a Mezuzah was torn from the wall, the parchment inside was stolen, and a foul remark invoking the Nazis was written.

The tattooed skinhead, whose police suspect broke into the East 17th St., South Brooklyn establishment, was identified through the release of images.

He was accused of three further offenses in addition to burglary: aggravated harassment, criminal mischief, and trespass. Following the arrest, Katia Riva, owner of a yoga business, remarked, “We all feel such relief and happiness.” “Much appreciation to The News for breaking the news so swiftly.

We’re very pleased that they were able to secure him. He is now receiving what is due him.

After spotting Klare, Pollock followed the suspect for around 45 minutes before informing the police. Before the officers on the foot patrol made the arrest, he had already called the NYPD Crimestoppers and 911.

After being taken into custody, Klare yelled at the officers that they had the wrong person. “I heard the suspect yelling to the cops that he hadn’t been in Brooklyn,” recalled Pollack. I apologized to the police if they had picked up the incorrect man since he seemed believable. Riva, who claims to teach in the mornings and evenings, was unaware of the graffiti until her nighttime instructor arrived.

At first she thought it was vandalism; some kids trashed the studio, but the more she looked, the more she saw,” said Riva.

According to Riva, there is no particular connection to Judaism. “Students donated additional religious objects that are displayed in the area. It’s a yoga studio, and I have a mezuzah and a hamsa.

She cannot recall any event that might have led someone to harbor animosity toward her company. Who knows, Riva remarked, “It might be someone who has nothing better to do.” “You know it’s tough,” I said.

Nobody with any sense would act in such a way. I wouldn’t address them in any way. What they were trying to prove or what the message was doesn’t make sense to me. I misunderstood the message.


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