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A Tel Aviv event is canceled by the EU in response to a radical minister

By 05/08/2023 4:49 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Due to the expected attendance of Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, the European Union has canceled a diplomatic reception scheduled for Tuesday in Tel Aviv.

All save Poland and Hungary agreed to cancel the event at a conference of ambassadors to Israel from member countries of the bloc on Monday.

The minister had offered to speak on behalf of the government as Foreign Minister Eli Cohen will be in India.

“The E.U. As it does every year, the EU delegation in Israel looks forward to commemorating Europe Day on May 9. read the embassy in Israel.

We regretfully decided to cancel the diplomatic reception this year because we didn’t want to give someone a platform whose opinions ran counter to what the European Union stands for.

The Europe Day cultural event for the Israeli public will continue to commemorate the solid and positive bilateral connection with our friends and partners in Israel.

The annual celebration honors the Schuman Declaration on May 9, 1950, which paved the way for the European Coal and Steel Community, the forerunner of the European Union.

The head of the Otzma Yehudit party, a prominent member of the right-wing and religious coalition forged by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was scheduled to speak at the postponed event about various topics, including joint efforts to fight terrorism and jihadism.

He was also expected to tell the group that it is “appropriate that the countries not finance projects against IDF soldiers and Israeli residents,” according to a statement from his office.

In response to Monday’s news, Ben-Gvir said, “It is unfortunate that the European Union, which claims to stand for the values of democracy and multiculturalism, is undiplomatically stifling expression.”

The minister said, “It is an honor and a privilege for me to represent the Israeli government, the brave IDF soldiers, and the people of Israel in every arena. “True friends also know how to take criticism,” it is said of friends.

A week after Cohen attempted to mend fences with the EU, the Europe Day event was canceled due to Ben-Gvir’s participation at a meeting with his E.U. colleagues in Brussels. opposite Josep Borrell.

Cohen claimed that “Israel is opening a new page in its relations with the E.U.” after the meeting.


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