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A Tornado Touches Down Near Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, Disrupting Hundreds of Flights

By 07/13/2023 9:49 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


In the vicinity of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, a tornado made landfall, forcing travelers to seek cover and delaying hundreds of flights. There were no reports of injuries right away.

Around 7 o’clock, a tornado was definitely in motion. Wednesday, based on the Chicago National Weather Service.

“This tornado is now traveling east and has been sporadically impacting the ground. South of O’Hare, there are more circulations along the line.

If you’re in the notified region, get shelter,” it advised. By 8 p.m.

The storm traveled into Michigan before passing across the state and into Canada early Thursday, according to the meteorological service, which also reported that the Chicago forecast region was “currently tornado-free.

There were no longer any tornado watches in place for certain regions of Michigan, Indiana, or Ohio.

In videos from TV stations, hundreds of people could be seen seeking refuge in an O’Hare concourse.

According to the flight tracking service FlightAware, more than 500 planes that were scheduled to depart from the airport were delayed, and 173 were canceled.

No damage was reported at either airport, according to Kevin Bargnes, director of communications for O’Hare and Chicago Midway International Airports, on Wednesday evening.

On Wednesday evening, the National Weather Service issued two tornado alerts for Chicago. People were advised to seek shelter at the sound of tornado sirens.

Warehouses allegedly suffered damage close to O’Hare, according to local news sources. In the McHenry County village of Huntley, northwest of Chicago, a roof was blown off, according to an unnamed emergency manager who was quoted by the meteorological service.

Firefighters and other emergency services were responding to downed power lines, trees, and tree limbs, according to Huntley Battalion Chief Mike Pierce, who also noted that power outages had been recorded.

According to him, two apartment complexes appeared to be at the center of the building damage.

According to, the area’s over 10,000 customers experienced power outages.

Multiple tornadoes touched down in the Chicago area, as National Weather Service senior meteorologist Brett Borchardt confirmed to WGN-TV.

He stated that assessing the damage would probably take days.

The National Weather Service reports that numerous tornadoes have impacted the Chicago metropolitan region over the years, including several that have occurred inside Chicago’s city limits.

The meteorological service documented 97 strong tornadoes in the Chicago metropolitan region between 1855 and 2021. On April 21, 1967, the worst formed in Palos Hills, Cook County.

According to the meteorological service, the twister caused more than $50 million in damage, killed 33 people, and traversed 16 miles (26 kilometers) through Oak Lawn and the south side of Chicago.


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