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Abe Foxman blasts Biden for the boycott of Netanyahu

By 06/28/2023 5:33 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Abe Foxman, a former director of the ADL, criticized the U.S. for its “boycott” of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Vice President Joe Biden.

In remarks to The Jerusalem Post, the American Jewish leader criticized the Biden administration’s strategy of isolating Netanyahu ever since he assumed office at the start of the year for his sixth term as “misguided” and “bordering on hypocrisy.

The White House’s refusal to invite Netanyahu, according to Foxman, “also sends the incorrect message [to] Israel’s adversaries, as well as to its friends and supporters.

When friends disagree, they should get together and talk things out. This problem of no invitation has been politicized.

He called it hypocritical that the White House welcomes leaders of nations with less democracy than Israel to Washington.

“If you will, the prime minister of India, a democracy that undoubtedly has severe violations of civil and religious rights, was recently welcomed by the president of the United States.

King Abdullah of Jordan was just received in the White House, which is not exactly the model of a democracy, according to him.

If MBS [Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman] indicated he would like to visit Washington, he would be welcomed with open arms.

This boycott, he continued, “undermines the [U.S.-Israel] relationship.”
Foxman urged Biden to extend an invitation to Netanyahu to the White House so they could settle their differences.

Netanyahu said on Tuesday that he will travel to China in January.

According to Foxman, the absence of a White House invitation was likely the reason the Israeli prime minister visited Beijing before the United States.


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