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According to NYC Mayor Adams, there is a “coordinated” campaign by unidentified parties to limit his tenure to one term

By 06/22/2023 10:53 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

On Wednesday, Mayor Adams said there was a concerted campaign to make him a one-term mayor, but he would not say who he thought was behind it.

Adams was answering inquiries over comments he made on Sunday during a Father’s Day church service in which he claimed that unknown forces allied against him “cannot allow this mayor to do two terms” and that those forces are “coordinated.”

At a separate press conference on Wednesday, Adams added, “There’s a body of people who were pleased with 30 years without having a mayor that looked like me.”

“With my appointments, projects, problems, and simply being who I am, I irritate many people. We can’t pretend that I don’t fit the stereotype of what a mayor should be in the eyes of some city residents.

Adams, the second Black mayor in the city’s history, spoke over the weekend at the Lenox Road Baptist Church in Brooklyn. He told the congregation that 30 years ago, God had informed him, “You are going to be the mayor on Jan. 21st, 2022.”

Then, he discussed a more recent supernatural message he claims to have received: “God said talk about God.” He said acting on that instruction caused a backlash on “all the front pages” and “the national stories.”

On Wednesday, Adams listed a number of the racially diverse appointments he has made since taking office. They claimed that his political opponents perceived him as a “disrupter” for doing so.

He added that there’s some discomfort when you start to look at what I’m doing. “I cause disruptions.

Some people say, “This guy is messing with our stuff,” whenever you cause a disruption.

Adams explained this conflict regarding race and referred to the television miniseries “Roots,” which told the tale of the enslaved person Kunta Kinte and his refusal to adopt his captor’s given name, Toby.

He remarked that there are still those in society who want to hear me speak Toby instead of Kunta Kinte. They find it uncomfortable.

You can beat me all you want, but when you pull my shirt off, you’ll find the scars are already there. I’ve been hit enough times that it’s impossible to beat me again.




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