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Adams Defends “Healthy” School Lunches After Students Complaint About Unapetizing Meals

By 06/22/2022 5:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

After a recent ‘coming-out’ of NYC students who claimed the new school meals were less-than-appetizing to consume, Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday said those complaining just aren’t used to “healthy” food.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Adams placed the blame on a few “loud” opponents of nutritious school lunches, with reference to an Instagram account that has been posting about the ‘gross’ food at NYC’s public schools recently.

“We cannot be afraid … [of] those people who are the loudest and say, ‘We should not be giving our children healthy food,’” he told reporters. 

Source: The Adams Kit (Jalil Mims)

He claimed that New Yorkers should instead focus on the damage caused by unhealthy foods. “How about them doing an Instagram of how our children are dying? How about looking at what food is actually doing to our children?” he said.“We have to ignore the noise and stay focused on the mission.”

Adams insisted that students will get accustomed to the more nutritious options that he says are now being offered at Big Apple public schools. “The first wave, people are going to say, ‘Okay, I’m not getting my taste buds,’ because you’re making a transformation in your taste buds,” Adams said. “We’re going to learn with these tests and with our children, we should not be leaning into that Instagram … of those small number of people who are the loudest.”

“There are children that will say I would rather have that pizza, I would rather have this. But we as responsible adults are supposed to say, we need to make sure we have that balance to give what’s good for you and it’s going to make you nutritionally strong and healthy.”


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