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After 96 fatalities, Hawaii’s governor issues a warning that 10 to 20 additional wildfire casualties may be discovered daily

By 08/14/2023 10:46 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


In an interview on Monday, Josh Green, the governor of the US state of Hawaii, cautioned that while search teams continued to sift through burned wreckage on the Hawaiian island of Maui, 10 to 20 more wildfire deaths might be discovered every day.

Ninety-six people have perished as a result of the flames that are ravaging portions of the second-largest Hawaiian island.

It surpasses the Camp Fire, a wildfire that broke out in California on November 8, 2018, and claimed at least 85 lives, as the worst in more than a century of modern US history.

The historic town of Lahaina, a renowned tourist destination on the island of Maui and formerly the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii, has been virtually completely devastated by deadly wildfires. There are about 13,000 people living there.

There is a somber expectation of additional losses, Green told the US commercial broadcast television and radio network CBS in a recorded interview that was broadcast on Monday. Green warned the news source, “There will be more fatalities.

The fire was so intense that what we discovered was the awful discovery you would anticipate, as though a fire had broken out and made it difficult to identify anyone.

According to the governor, who was quoted by CBS, every inhabitant of Lahaina has either managed to escape or died in the fire.

However, it may take up to 10 days to compile a complete death toll because rescuers may find “10 to 20 people per day, probably until they finish.”

At a press conference on Saturday, Maui Police Chief John Pelletier stated that only 3% of the affected areas had been examined by dogs.
As of Sunday night, the Lahaina fire, the catastrophic wildfire that destroyed Lahaina, was 85% contained, according to an update from Maui County.

The Lahaina fire has burned 2,170 acres (about 8.78 square kilometers) and damaged or destroyed more than 2,200 structures, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Pacific Disaster Center, an applied research center run by the University of Hawaii.

According to the evaluation, the rebuilding project might cost up to $5.52 billion.


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