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After Barak compared Netanyahu to Hitler, Likud demanded that he be charged with crimes

By 08/29/2023 11:03 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


On Monday, the Likud Party, which is in power in Israel, criticized former Prime Minister Ehud Barak for sharing a video on social media that compared Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Adolf Hitler.

“You must see! Is Netanyahu mentally incapable of leading a nation? “Leading international authority on leadership difficulties, Ichak Adizes has a startling viewpoint! Barak penned in a post shared on Facebook and X (formerly known as Twitter). Adizes’ ad also compared Netanyahu to a prior American president.

President Donald Trump with Serbian leader Slobodan Miloevi, dubbed the “Butcher of the Balkans” in the 1990s.

The Likud Party responded by saying, “Ehud ‘Hot Neck’ Barak, partner of the pedophile Epstein, has finally gone off the rails”, referring to a 2016 image of Barak visiting the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s New York home wearing a neck warner.

“Barak continues to incite the assassination of a sitting Israeli prime minister and compares him to Hitler“, the party continued. “He has said that he will lead anti-government protests until there are ‘bodies floating in the Yarkon [River in Tel Aviv]’ and he is called back to take the reins of power.” The statement concluded: “Where are the law enforcement agencies summoning him for inquiry after scores of complaints against instigators like him?“

Israeli Transport Minister Miri Regev requested an investigation be launched against Barak for allegedly instigating a coup d’état in a letter delivered to Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara late last month.

Regev highlighted a social media video that “shows without a doubt that former officials started devising a plan for a coup d’état and civil disobedience, with detailed and careful planning, beginning in March 2020.“ Galit Distel-Atbaryan, the minister of public diplomacy, detailed what she alleged was Barak’s plot to topple the government in a post on July 21 on X, citing an interview with Barak that was given to Forum 555, a group of former Israeli Air Force navigators and pilots.

She claimed that the strategy involved inciting the populace, fabricating evidence of a threat to democracy, and funding rallies, including the purchase of flags.

When asked about a potential repeat of the “success of 1999”, when he was chosen as prime minister, Barak responded: “A friend of mine, a historian, once told me: ‘Ehud, they will call you when bodies are floating in the Yarkon River.“

I want to be clear, that neither Israeli Arabs nor Palestinians from the occupied territories will have their bodies floating in the water.

Jews who were murdered by Jews will be among the floating bodies, according to Barak.


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