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After being rejected by the surrogate squad, NYC Mayor Adams states, “Biden is my guy”

By 05/12/2023 9:58 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

On Thursday, Mayor Adams claimed that Vice President Biden is “my guy” and that their connection is a “good one”; this came after the New York mayor was left out of the president’s final list of surrogates for his reelection campaign.

Adams said, “I like him,” during a press conference at City Hall. And I believe that he likes me.

The campaign said that the moderate New York City mayor had been excluded from the Biden campaign’s national advisory board on Wednesday. Governor Hochul and Representative Grace Meng of Queens were two of the 50 people chosen to serve on the panel.

Adams was supposed to be on the board because of her scathing criticism of Biden’s handling of immigration.

Some speculated that Biden was punishing him for his persistent criticism of federal immigration policies in light of his absence.

In a statement released by Biden’s campaign on Thursday, the president stated that he “counts Mayor Adams as a friend and partner” and that he “looks forward to working with the mayor on issues impacting New Yorkers and to win the presidency again in 2024.”

Kevin Munoz, a campaign spokesman, remained mum about Adams’ expulsion from the advisory board.

According to the Democratic National Committee, team members will participate in fundraisers, attend campaign events, and appear in numerous interviews.

Adams at City Hall pointed out that other politicians rumored to be on the surrogate squad in March but did not show up on the completed roster this week were also on the squad.

The mayor told reporters, “Let’s be clear: Biden is my guy. I don’t know what their plans are.

Adams declared that Biden had “failed New York City” on immigration in April.

The city has been under strain for a year due to migration waves brought on by political unrest in Central and South America.

According to the town, the Adams administration has struggled to manage the surge and has cared for more than 65,000 migrants.

The mayor has pressed the federal government to expedite the processing of work permits for asylum seekers and to provide the city with emergency money.

Adams announced on Thursday that he will keep “speaking on behalf of this city.”

Regarding his friendship with Biden, Adams remarked, “You don’t want a friend who’s going to agree with you just to agree.” “You want a friend who will be open and honest.”

Democratic political consultant Hank Sheinkopf stated that he believed Adams’ elimination was due to his statements on immigration.

Is the Adams-Harris team snubbing us here? Yes, that’s the solution, Sheinkopf said. “However, Adams has chosen a wise stance.”

However, Basil Smikle, a former adviser to Hillary Clinton, expressed his disappointment that the mayor was omitted, pointing out that Adams is an African-American mayor with a similar governing style to Biden.

Concerning the campaign’s choice, Smikle commented, “It’s very disappointing.”


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