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After disastrous midterm elections, the head of the Florida Democrats resigns

By 01/10/2023 10:15 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The once-battleground state of Florida’s terrible midterm election has led to the resignation of the Democratic Party’s chairman.

By a massive 20 points, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis was re-elected, and the GOP took control of two crucial counties, including the former Democratic stronghold of Miami-Dade.

Manny Diaz, the chair of the Florida Democrats, announced his resignation in a lengthy letter Monday to the state’s executive committee members, complaining about a lack of funding, a lack of volunteers to canvass neighborhoods, and a failure to communicate with one voice.

According to Diaz, a dysfunctional, unsustainable system was revealed, and historical investments were never made.

“Despite beginning our endeavor sooner than in previous cycles, it was already too late. We could not open the appropriate number of offices or pay for the necessary manpower. The community’s buy-in was too late when we finally opened those.

Regarding Diaz’s allegations, the state Democratic Party did not respond immediately.

The devastating defeat for Democrats has left them perplexed about how the state, which President Barack Obama twice carried, managed to lose in a brief period.

While there was no “red wave” in the midterm elections nationwide, the GOP did quite well in Florida, boosting DeSantis’ star power as a potential 2024 presidential candidate.

When questioned about Diaz’s resignation at a news conference on Tuesday in Bonita Springs, DeSantis joyfully replied, “We had something to do with that in November of 2022 because there ain’t as many Democrats around as there used to be in the state of Florida.”

Miami-Dade, the most populous county in the state and home to 1.5 million Latinos of voting age, was where the Democrats had the most difficulty in the previous election. DeSantis defeated Charlie Crist, a Democrat, by more than 11 points in November in a county that Obama carried by 24 points ten years ago.

Former Miami mayor Diaz, who served as the Florida Democrats’ chair for two years, claimed that volunteers “had almost completely vanished in Florida since that time.”

Diaz claimed that the Florida Democratic Party had not gotten adequate funding, noting that the national Democratic party had only committed 2% of its 2018 contributions.

According to him, national donors—including those based in Florida—don’t support the state party, and Republican statewide candidates raised more than $163 million than their Democratic rivals.

Tuesday’s request for comment from the Democratic National Committee did not receive an immediate response.



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