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After getting stranded in a winter storm, migrants headed for NYC spent five days on buses

By 12/27/2022 10:26 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

After Winter Storm Elliott disrupted their plans, dozens of Latin American migrants, including children and a pregnant woman, spent five days traveling by bus from Texas to New York City, according to volunteers who welcomed the hesitant travelers.

According to Power Malu, the founder of an organization called Artists, Athletes, Activists, the roughly 50 migrants landed at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan on Christmas Day after departing by bus from the Texas border city of El Paso on December 20.

Malu, one of the volunteers who met the migrants at the Port Authority, stated, “It was the longest ride that anyone has experienced since the buses started arriving here.”

“Their feet were bloated, limping, and their legs were tense. … People felt tired and hungry. They were a mess.

Malu remembered that one of the newcomers was an eight-and-a-half-month pregnant woman.

He continued, “Fortunately, we got her some medical attention.

According to Mayor Adams’ office information, as of last Thursday, almost 33,000 migrants, many of whom were from Venezuela, had entered New York this spring after entering the country via Mexico to request asylum.

According to the figures, more than 22,400 migrants, escaping violence and poverty in their native countries, are still living in homeless shelters or other types of city-subsidized housing.

Migrants travel for three days to New York after entering Texas or another border state.

According to Malu, the group that arrived in the city on Christmas Day was severely backed up by “icy roads” brought on by Winter Storm Elliott, forcing them to change buses three times.

Malu claimed that knowledge of the schedule of the group’s arrival didn’t reach the volunteers welcoming migrants at Port Authority until Christmas Eve, forcing them to hurry to bring people to the terminal by the following morning.

In the future, when there is a storm, “I hope that [authorities] can learn from this and be better prepared,” Malu added.

“When you’re expecting weather like this, don’t take the chance of putting buses on the roads.”

Who sent the Texas bus was unclear on Monday. Numerous people have died due to the storm, including 27 in New York State.



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