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After more than 130 years, Johnson & Johnson is getting rid of its script logo

By 09/14/2023 6:37 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


The new logo has received approval from Johnson & Johnson. The healthcare behemoth announced on Thursday that it will update the well-known distinctive script it has used since 1887 with a contemporary design that reflects its increased emphasis on drugs and medical devices.

For the time being, the original script, which is based on co-founder James Wood Johnson’s signature, will still be visible on consumer goods like infant shampoo made by Kenvue, a brand-new business that was recently spun off from J&J.

Johnson & Johnson’s focus has been reduced to drugs and medical equipment. The new design, which has a distinct shade of red, intends to acknowledge J&J’s transformation into a “pure play health care company,” according to Vanessa Broadhurst, an executive vice president of the business.

According to a 2017 website article by J&J, the signature mark was “one of the longest-used company emblems in the world.”

But in the age of texting and emojis, it started to look dated. Laura Ries, a marketing strategist, pointed out that many students no longer learn to write in cursive in school.

Although they might have recognized the signature, she claimed that they weren’t necessarily reading it. She claimed that the new emblem is simpler to comprehend.

Ries added that consumers are more likely to associate the script logo with Kenvue goods they see on pharmacy shelves, such as Band-Aids, Listerine, and Tylenol.

She said, “Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo was used by everyone to wash their baby.”

The J&J logo on items like bandages will be progressively erased, according to a Kenvue spokeswoman.

The company’s now-discontinued talcum-based baby powder, which gave rise to lawsuits alleging that it caused cancer, also featured the distinctive emblem on its bottles. J&J has emphasized the safety of the powder.

With annual sales of over $90 billion, the consumer division assisted J&J in becoming the largest manufacturer of health care items worldwide.

However, by the time the split was announced in late 2021, its pharmaceutical and medical device divisions had comfortably overtaken it in size.

The Johnson & Johnson company, based in New Brunswick, New Jersey, will also rebrand its Janssen pharmaceutical division to Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine. Its MedTech division will focus on medical technology and devices.


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