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After new Russian strikes, the majority of Ukrainians lost their power

By 11/24/2022 8:34 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Russia launched a fresh missile assault on Ukraine’s devastated electricity grid on Wednesday, causing cities to lose power, some of their water, and public transportation, making the winter more difficult for millions of people.

Aerial attacks on power grids also knocked off internet connections and nuclear power reactors, spreading outages into Moldova, a neighboring country.

Attacks in fast succession and cascading disruptions were recorded in numerous places.

Lviv’s trams and trolleybuses ceased operation when the city in western Ukraine lost both power and water, according to the mayor, while the Energy Ministry of Ukraine said that supplies were cut to “the vast majority of electrical consumers.”

According to Kyiv’s mayor, all of the city lost water.

The second-largest city in Ukraine, Kharkiv, in the northeast, lost power as well, and the city’s public transportation was halted, according to the mayor.

Ukraine’s ambassador to the U.N. was given the go-ahead by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to request an immediate Security Council meeting.

Later on Wednesday, in response to the issue, Zelenskyy stated that Ukraine would introduce a resolution denouncing “all forms of energy terror,” adding that it was absurd that the party waging this war, this criminal war, would be granted the ability to veto.

One foreign terrorist cannot hold us, prisoner, Zelenskyy argued, and the council must take something.

The U.N. was also invited. to dispatch experts to inspect and assess the vital infrastructure of Ukraine.

Authorities in Kyiv said that three persons were murdered, and eleven others were injured in a strike.

According to the governor of the larger Kyiv region, four further persons were murdered and 35 wounded.

For weeks, Russia has bombarded the electrical grid and other facilities with missiles and drone explosions, causing more damage than can be restored.

Before the most recent barrage, Zelenskyy stated that strikes had already caused damage to almost half of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure and that rolling power outage had become the dreadful new standard for millions of people.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to Ukrainian officials, is hoping that the misery of unheated and unlit homes in the cold and gloom of winter will change public opinion against a continuation of the war.

However, Ukrainian officials claim that this is only reinforcing their determination.

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, Russia launched about 70 cruise missiles, of which 51 were shot down, and five drones exploded.

As was the case the week before, the barrage’s afternoon timing forced crews to work into the winter’s pitch black to restore supplies.

Vassily Nebenzia, the Russian ambassador to the United Nations, informed the Security Council that Moscow is “attacking infrastructure in response to the unrestrained supply of weaponry to Ukraine and the irresponsible demands of Kyiv to defeat Russia.”

Only on Thursday morning would water and heating be restored to residential buildings in Kyiv, a city of 3 million people.


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