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After resuming the mask mandate, the Passaic School District was destroyed on Twitter

By 12/23/2022 9:07 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

There are no popular competitions that Passaic County’s public education system will win.

This week, the district stated that it would reinstate the (very popular) mask requirements, requiring healthy, innocent children to conceal their endearing features.

All staff members, Pre-K through grade 12 students, and guests must wear masks in all district facilities, school grounds, and buses starting on Wednesday, according to a letter from superintendent Sandra Montanez-Diodonet.

The letter was written in response to reports from authorities and the CDC that Passaic was one of 10 counties in New Jersey with “high” COVID-19 levels.

The state also disclosed 2,207 COVID-19 cases and 28 confirmed fatalities on Tuesday, the most reported in a single day since February 16.

The announcement drew a great deal of criticism, as was expected.

Jewish social worker Justin Spiro tweeted: “The Jets will play tomorrow in front of 82,500 rowdy fans, just 4 miles from Passaic, where children are once more being forced to wear masks.

God forbid that a 4-year-old with autism be allowed to watch a classmate smile. Adults can scream and cheer intoxicatedly. harsh and sick.

He added, “A Passaic third-grader with disabilities lost the final third of kindergarten, spent first grade hidden behind a pointless Zoom screen, was forced to wear a mask for nearly all of the second grade, and is now being compelled to wear one once more.

Disadvantaged children always carry our burden. Unconscionable.”

According to Corey DeAngelis, Senior Fellow at the American Federation for Children, “Two weeks to slow the spread has transformed into 2.75 years to flatten a generation.”

Twitter user Nicholas Austin stated, “I enjoy that they’re open about the child abuse.”

“This is cruel, anti-science, and against children. #Shame on “educators” who limit children’s learning, sociability, and joy simply because they can, in response to a tweet from Democratic congressional candidate Maud Maron.

According to Parents Defending Education, “parents witnessed the negative social effects that masks had on their children’s lives for two years, including difficulty forming relationships with others due to an inability to read facial expressions, as well as generalized anxiety regarding crowds and proximity to others (to say nothing of the impact on educational achievements, such as reading and language comprehension problems).”

Families are still living with the effects of these policies and will continue to do so for years to come; therefore, it defies the reason for school districts to once more impose mask demands on hurting children.

Varying families have different risk tolerance levels; therefore, anyone who wants to mask their kids should be able to do so; however, it should not be required.




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