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After tearing down and discarding a customer’s mezuzah, a delivery person was fired

By 09/10/2023 2:40 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


A mezuzah that was on the main entrance of an apartment complex in Charish unexpectedly disappeared last week.

After watching the recorded video from the security cameras, it was determined that the mezuzah was torn off of the doorpost and thrown away by a restaurant deliveryman.

Waze Delivery has already dismissed the deliveryman and apologized profusely, claiming that the incident “does not represent our values” and that it respects “every religion and every human being.

The Charish police are reportedly looking for the culprit right now, and an investigation is in progress, according to Israeli media.

The B’Tzalmo organization filed a police complaint, requesting that the deliveryman be charged. Shai Glick, CEO of B’Tzalmo, stated: “This is a major situation that cannot be ignored. We’ll keep monitoring the situation to make sure the perpetrator is found and prosecuted.

I request that the shipping business inform the police of the suspect’s identity and promptly terminate him.

This is a serious attack against religious sensibilities and holy objects in Israel,” stated attorney Michael Litvak.

Anyone with a Jewish soul will find the clear documentation disturbing and offensive. I anticipate the Israel Police will find the offender, apprehend him, and bring him to justice.

The company’s manager issued an apology on behalf of the organization to all Charish residents, saying: “We sincerely regret the inappropriate situation that took place during a delivery made by one of our couriers.

The incident does not reflect our ideals as a firm because we appreciate all religions and all people.

The courier was seen to have torn off the mezuzah upon delivery and thrown it in a trash bin, according to the reports we got. This is improper and undesirable for a business that places a high value on integrity and respect for the client.

“We fired the messenger from our company as soon as it was reported that our new messenger had broken our social and ethical rules,” he continued. We sincerely apologize.

We are aware that everyone can make mistakes, and we would appreciate the chance to correct our ways. The delivery man’s race has not been revealed.


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