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After winning a legal battle, rapper Cardi B tweeted an image of Orthodox Jews before removing it

By 08/04/2023 3:41 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Cardi B immediately went to Wikipedia after learning that Las Vegas police will not press charges against her in relation to an altercation at a recent concert.

The rapper tweeted a photo of two Hasidic Orthodox Jewish men strolling through Borough Park in Brooklyn, which serves as the digital encyclopedia’s entry for “Jewish religious clothing.

One has long peyos, the sidelocks used by some Orthodox males, and the other has a streimel, a fur hat that he wears over his garments. Remember, she spelled it out.

Jewish lawyers are a recurring subject in rap music, and Cardi B’s defense team in the Las Vegas incident included several Jewish attorneys.

Fans immediately related the post to a line from her 2018 song “Bickenheld,” in which she sings, “Lawyer is a Jew; he’s going to chew up all the charges.”

While some saw Cardi B’s post as a compliment to her Jewish attorneys, others saw it as disrespectful because it seemed to connect the success of her attorneys to their Jewish identity rather than to their abilities.

(The individuals shown are not Cardi B’s lawyers.) Thank you, @iamcardib, but tweeting to your 31 million followers a hazy image of a visible minority who has seen an increase in hate crimes in NYC is just wrong.

The message was deleted without explanation after receiving criticism on social media. For a long time, the phrase “Lawyer is a Jew” was trending on the website X, formerly known as Twitter.


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