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AI Tool ‘Deep Nostalgia’ Is Making Black And White Images Go Live

By 03/01/2021 8:30 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

A new tech on the block is now allowing users to bring still photos to life, by turning them into a deep fake video. Taking Twitter by a storm over the weekend, the new tool is being used to create videos out of old, black and white pictures, creating a blast-from-the-past frenzy!

Offered by online genealogy company MyHeritage,’ Deep Nostalgia’ uses AI licensed from D-ID to create the effect that a still photo is moving. Similar to the iOS Live Photos feature, which adds a few seconds of video to help smartphone photographers find the best shot. The more interesting bit? Deep Nostalgia can take old photos, even of people who don’t exist today and bring them to life. 

The software analyzes the face in question and applies pre-recorded videos to the same, making them look quite real. The platform is meant to allow users to bring back deceased loved ones to life and perhaps create digital photo frames of them. Something similar to living portraits and artwork seen in the popular Harry Potter movies and books.

The videos created last only a few seconds and have no audio, so they’re more like GIFs.Users have to sign up for a free account on MyHeritage and then upload a photo. From there the process is automated; the site enhances the image before animating it and creating a gif. The company says it doesn’t pass on the photos you upload to any third-party platforms, and if you upload a photo without signing up for it, the same will be deleted automatically. The platform can only work with standalone photos of people right now, though the range of cameras they can be shot from seems virtually limitless. On the website’s main page a message reads “photos uploaded without completing signup are automatically deleted to protect your privacy.”

It can also animate faces only, meaning you cannot upload a full-frontal shot of people and have them walk around etc. The MyHeritage website allows only five photos to be uploaded for free right now, after which users will have to upload a paid account.


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