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Amazing Hatzolah Air Rescue of Sick Jewish Boy in Panama

By 04/14/2023 3:28 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

A 13-year-old frum child was miraculously saved in Panama.

The incredible story involves many generous people, including rescue teams from Hatzolah Air, and it was organized by American entrepreneur Hillel Fuld, who lives in Israel and has a sizable social media following.

Mr. Fuld posted the stirring tale on Facebook on Friday.

Chol Hamoed’s mother called on Monday night with “some scary news,” according to Chol.

A 13-year-old grandson of Phyllis and Murray Kuhr, Hillel’s parents’ friends staying at the same Pesach hotel as the Fulds in Israel, was in Panama for Pesach with his family.

He suddenly began getting terrifying convulsions.

His parents were afraid, a worry that was significantly amplified being in a foreign country and not knowing anyone or how the medical system works.”

“Do I know anyone in Panama?” Hillel tweeted to his followers. It’s crucial.

“I am not even remotely exaggerating,” the author said, “when I claim that Bruce Gurfein, one of his contacts, replied to me on Twitter asking me what I wanted in less than 10 seconds from when I wrote the tweet. He wrote, “Panama, I have a contact if you require emergency medical assistance.

It only took MINUTES for the family to get in touch with the Jewish doctors in the area, who acted quickly to transport the child to a superior hospital.

After that, Racheli, Hillel’s wife, “had a fantastic idea! She recommended that he get in touch with Hatzolah Air.

It was just hours to Yom Tov when Fuld’ Whatsapp’ed’ Avishai Neuman and Eli Rowe, with whom he has a long friendship, telling them “to get the plane ready.”

Hillel did not know what happened after that because he had switched off his phone for Yom Tov. Lev was born with a heart defect that had not been identified before, according to the diagnosis made by the doctors.

His heart hole generated a clot, which caused the convulsions caused by a stroke.

The doctors at the new hospital were able to diagnose him, but Fuld said, 

“He needed better care, and he needed it quickly. Because he was paralyzed on one side, he required immediate assistance.

Eli Rowe started his jet engine to save Lev’s life and ordered his team to fly to Panama.

Obviously, without cost! Lev was already in America at hospital where he received the most excellent care after the holiday.



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