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Amazingly, the gas canister attached to the Ramot Junction bomb failed to detonate

By 11/24/2022 5:17 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The inquiry into the two terror explosions in Jerusalem on Wednesday morning has been placed under a gag order.

However, a few specifics that were made public show a concerning new development—a highly skilled terror cell that can make explosives and conceal them in busy civilian commuter centers.

Both cutting-edge technology and astute surveillance were necessary to determine the location and timing of the remote detonation of these explosives.

Given that East Jerusalem Arabs can freely travel on the city’s western side while using Israeli license plates and identification cards, they may have chosen the bombing targets or even carried out the explosions.

Most 350,000 Arab residents of East Jerusalem work in Israel and on the city’s western edge.

When it was discovered that a gas canister had been put next to the bomb to enhance its damage but miraculously did not detonate, the scope of the miracle at the Ramot crossroads became clearer.

The explosives’ impact was diminished because they were hidden behind stone walls (to avoid being found).

During a meeting with senior IDF officers, Defense Minister Gantz declared, “The days of those who carry out, plan and finance terror actions are numbered.

Wherever they are, our army, police, and Shin Bet will approach them and seize them.

On Thursday morning, it was disclosed that Shin Bet agents had detained an Arab from Rafiah, Gaza, who had a work permit in Israel three weeks prior.

The Arab was accused of being recruited by Islamic Jihad to make an explosive device and plant it on an Israeli bus.


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