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Ambassador Nides Admits He ‘Screwed Up’ After Equating Terrorist Murders To Arab Deaths In IDF Operations

By 06/29/2023 10:05 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Thomas Nides, the outgoing US ambassador to Israel, expressed sorrow over a previous tweet in which he compared the killing of Israeli citizens by Arab terrorists to casualties from IDF anti-terror operations.

Nides acknowledged, “I messed up. “When I learned about the assault, I had just arrived home from Los Angeles.

I approved a draft of a tweet after seeing it. However, he remembered, “It was a dumb thing to do.

Deeply worried by the civilian killings and injuries that have happened in the West Bank over the past 48 hours, particularly those of kids, the Ambassador tweeted soon after the terrorist shooting incident that killed four Israelis near Eli.

praying for the families as they console those who have been harmed or grieve the death of a loved one.

“Seconds later, I saw that former prime minister Naftali Bennett had attempted to contact me,” added Nides.

I queried him, “What transpired? Then he told me I messed up. I made care to send out another tweet right away [that] clearly condemned the terrorist incident. I in no way draw comparisons between terrorists and people who are killed because of terrorism.

You are aware that, despite objections from people in Washington, I have attended several funerals and visited numerous grieving families, including those outside the Green Line.

I will not tolerate a scenario where I only visit two families of assault victims but choose not to see the third victim’s family, who simply lives 20 minutes away.

Despite the fact that President Biden has been in office for more than seven months, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not yet been invited to the White House.

Despite not knowing when, Ambassador Nides says he is certain that such an invitation will be sent at some point.

According to Nides, President Biden has met with Prime Minister Netanyahu roughly 30 times. I therefore have no concerns regarding their connection.

Actually, I’m not. They will meet in the White House; therefore, there will be a meeting. There will be a lovely gathering. It would be a lovely talk. I have no concerns about that.

But listen, as you are all aware, Israel is currently experiencing a great deal of anxiety.

Reforming the judiciary, among other things.

The US Ambassador refutes recent rumors in the international media that an agreement between the US and Iran is in the works.

“There are no agreements. This has been entirely exaggerated. There is no deal on the table, as we have repeatedly stated. No less-for-less offer exists. It is nonexistent.

Do you think there will eventually be something we can hold onto? The future? However, nothing exists. You won’t read about it when you get up the next morning. By the way, if you ask the Israelis, they will tell you exactly what talks we have had and what we have done and said. Yet there is no agreement.

“One thing Joe Biden emphasized when he was elected president was that he would make sure that Israel was never startled by what we were doing, in contrast to the previous government, the Obama administration, of which I was part.

And I believe we kept our promise to Prime Ministers Naftali Bennett, Yair Lapid, and now Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. I believe they all realize that we will be completely honest.

That we won’t allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon is transparent, and we will attempt to use lots of deterrence—which is what the Israelis want us to do—including joint drills and other actions that send out unambiguous warnings. We are carrying out what we promised to accomplish.


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