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Americans Were Quickly Found, Yet Mexico’s Missing Are Still Missing

By 03/08/2023 6:53 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Authorities found the survivors of the kidnapping of four Americans in the border city of Matamoros after three days, but thousands more Mexicans are still missing in the state long known for its cartel brutality, some in instances dating back more than ten years.

Once the Americans crossed the border for cosmetic surgery on Friday, Mexican authorities promptly accused the neighborhood Gulf cartel of shooting up their minivan. After a thorough search involving squads of Mexican soldiers and members of the National Guard, authorities discovered the Americans early on Tuesday morning – two dead, one injured, and one who appeared unhurt.

Over 112,000 Mexican citizens are still unaccounted for countrywide, often years or decades after vanished. Even though a convoy of military trucks rescued the Americans from Mexico, their desperate relatives were the only people looking for most of the missing Mexicans.

Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera, an associate professor at George Mason University, claimed that they might still be missing if these persons had been Mexicans.

In Tamaulipas, a border state long ruled by the feuding Gulf and Northeast cartels, where the Network of Disappeared activist group says 12,537 people are still missing, the rescue of the Americans sparked a peculiar kind of rage.

Delia Quiroa, a resident of the nearby city of Reynosa, has been searching for her brother Roberto for nine years.

He was taken hostage in March 2014 by armed men likely associated with the Gulf cartel, the same organization accused of kidnapping the Americans.

The family has conducted their searches and demanded that authorities look into the case, but they are still in the dark regarding his location.


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