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An archaeologist discovers startling evidence of the ancient city of S’dom

By 07/14/2023 3:01 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


An archaeologist thinks he has located the prehistoric location where S’dom once stood.

The expert offered a wealth of facts to back his claim in a recent podcast interview. Dean of Archaeology at Trinity Southwest University Steven Collins told podcast host Joel Rosenberg that he and his colleagues think the Tell el-Hammam site in Jordan would contain several S’dom-related artifacts.

Scattered Bronze-age artifacts appear to have been melted in a “flash heat” scenario, which is consistent with the Torah’s account of how S’dom was destroyed by fire and sulfur.

Collins claims that the site is consistent with the description in the Torah and that physical evidence found there, such as “glazed” pottery, backs up his claim.

Collins cited a publication published in the year 2022 in the journal Nature that detailed evidence of a “highly unusual catastrophic event” that may have resembled a meteor and left a “charcoal-rich destruction layer” and melted artifacts near Tall el-Hammam about 4,000 years ago.

According to the report, Tall el-Hammam was “wiped out in the blink of an eye,” according to Collins. These horrifying specifics appear to be very consistent with how S’dom’s destruction is described in the Torah.

Collins said, “As soon as we get a few centimeters into that [Bronze Age] matrix, this piece of pottery, the shoulder of a storage jar, is facing up at us,” as he dug in the ground.

Additionally, it appears to be glazed.

Collins added that when one of his team members who was involved in the Manhattan Project, which resulted in the development of the atomic bomb, observed the melting fragment, “Wow, that looks like Trinity,” he said.

The first nuclear test site in New Mexico was known as “Trinity” under cover. The notion is also supported by the geographic data.

According to Collins, “there are at least 25 known pieces of geography [in the Torah] that you can triangulate between to take you to the city of Sodom.

As an illustration, Bereishis 13:10 indicates that when Lot was at Beis-El and Ai, he proceeded eastward.

To the east of Beis-El and Ai is Tall el-Hammam. He said that other areas in the area that have been suggested as potential S’dom sites don’t fit the Torah.


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