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An attack on a supposedly Israeli embassy is thwarted by Azerbaijan

By 07/11/2023 4:47 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Israeli media reported that Azerbaijani police prevented an attack on the Israeli Embassy in Baku on Monday.

The security forces of Azerbaijan detained Afghan national Fawzan Mosa Khan on suspicion of plotting a terrorist attack on an unnamed foreign embassy.

In a statement, the State Security Service of Azerbaijan claimed that Khan had planned ahead with other people to carry out terrorist acts on the soil of the nation in eastern Transcaucasia.

Although the embassy was not named in the statement, the video made public by the State Security Service showed that the suspect had been watching the area where the Israeli Embassy is situated, according to Azerbaijan’s Turan news site.

Khan, who was born in 1990, allegedly planned an explosion, a fire, or something similar.

According to the State Security Service, “It was proven that this foreign national entered the Republic of Azerbaijan from a foreign country with the intention of committing the above-mentioned criminal acts, as well as to locate the coordinates of a third country embassy and plan a terrorist act.

The statement continued: “The suspect conducted surveillance of the embassy building, attempted to identify and enlist individuals to participate in the terrorist act, obtained firearms and explosives, and conspired with other individuals to obtain financial support for this activity.”

The diplomatic ties between Jerusalem and Baku have recently been enhanced.

Following the inauguration of an embassy in Israel in March, the foreign minister of Israel, Eli Cohen, paid a visit to the nation’s capital in April.

Azerbaijan opened an embassy in Israel, becoming the first Shi’ite Muslim nation to do so.

Since 1993, one year after diplomatic ties were established, Israel has maintained a consulate in Baku.

One of the first nations after the dissolution of the Soviet Union to acknowledge Azerbaijan’s independence was this one.


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