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Ancient Heritage Site in Shomron-Sebastia Vandalized by Palestinian “Restoration Project”

By 12/20/2022 7:54 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Tens of Palestinians organized a seizing operation at ancient Sebastia, the location of the biblical city of Shomron, under the pretense of a “repair project.”

The Palestinians constructed a massive flagpole, put a Palestinian flag on it, and set other flags around the ancient monument, which Israel declared a national park.

They also significantly damaged the site’s archaeological resources.

Herod built Sebastia; however, there are numerous First Temple-era artifacts at the location, leading researchers to surmise that this is Shomron, the seat of Achav, the king of Israel at the time.

The land was purchased from Shemer by Achav’s father Omri, who named it Shomron.

The remains of a lavish palace that was once one of the biggest in the area have been found on the property.

Palestinians have, in the past, set the area on fire, resulting in significant damage.

The historic site, which is close to the Arab settlement of Sebastia, is currently undergoing “restoration” to seize control of it.

The settlement movement Gush Emunim was also established in Sebastia on Chanukah 1975.

Yossi Dagan, the regional leader of Shomron, denounced the destruction at Sebastia and claimed that “the Israeli government is abandoning important Jewish cultural sites.”

It is unbelievable that vandals would break into Jewish historical sites in the middle of Israel.

This violates our culture’s history. They are eradicating our history, legacy, and past as we watch. Future generations will be distressed by this.

“We all expect that the new administration and the minister of culture would end the lawlessness in this region. I implore them to see the site’s rehabilitation as a national undertaking.

I demand that the IDF station guards at the scene and apprehend the vandals. We cannot remain silent since this conflict concerns the history of the Jewish people.



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