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Another NYC lockdown looms on August 1

By 07/28/2021 3:13 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Reliable sources revealed that local officials in New York City are set to impose another coronavirus lockdown on August 1 to avoid the spread of the deadly Delta Variant.

To avoid the looming lockdown New York City mayor Bill de Blasio already mandated all city workers provide proof of vaccination or face termination.

To avert any lockdown, New York City Governor Andrew Cuomo has also appealed to the public to get the vaccine.

“With every unvaccinated person in our state, in our nation, comes an opportunity for the COVID virus to mutate. The vaccine is the best weapon we have against this beast, and if you haven’t already, I encourage you to get your shot,” Cuomo said.

To ensure each resident will get the vaccine, De Blasio is pushing for more vaccines to get out and even offers free in-home visits.

If by chance, the Delva Variant increases in the city and the lockdown proceeds, NYC residents can expect the same restrictions that were put in place during the last NYC lockdown.

It is also expected that all non-essential businesses will be closed.

Also, mask mandates will be reenacted as well as the 10 pm curfew.

Moreover, there will also be a pause on both indoor and outdoor dining.

However, takeout and delivery will still be an option.

While lockdown can be seen as a burden, the government said there is nothing to be alarmed about it.

To avoid problems during lockdown make sure you have the following essentials in your home:

Gallons of Water
Paper Towels/Toilet Paper
Canned Food
Ensure You Have Proper Cooling (preparation such as an extra fan in case of Air Conditioner Breaks, etc.)

It is also important to remember that if another lockdown happens, like the past two, it has no definitive timeline.


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