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Anti-Charedi Radio Anchor Reveals: My Grandson Goes To Chabad Kindergarten In Tel Aviv

By 08/23/2023 8:25 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


In Israel, there are a number of well-known journalists, who are well-known for their open hostility to the charedi community and the principles it upholds.

Many of them don’t think twice to disparage charedim in various ways, by taking advantage of the platforms they are given. Galit Gutman is notable for saying on Israeli television a few months ago that the charedim are „sucking our blood” (although she later apologized), while Natan Zahavi suggested that the charedim „should be hanged by their own Tefillin“.

A sports journalist who has previously called charedim „parasites” and „scum” is Ron Koffman, who is one of these journalists. Despite Koffman’s claims to the contrary, it is clear from his derogatory language – which has even resulted in partial suspensions – what he truly believes.

Koffman recently criticized the charedi boycott of Angel and demanded that „The rabbinate, hechsherim, chief rabbis, to remind the leadership that „you are parasites, don’t drive us nuts“.

Despite this, Koffman seems to have some religious sensitivities, as evidenced by the fact that his son had surgery after falling down an escalator a few years ago. In his anguish, Koffman claimed to have „read Shir Hamaalot and committed to go to Shul on Shabbat.”

He did go to the shul – a modest one in north Tel Aviv – and gave the Hagomel blessing for his kid there.

When Koffman proudly announced this week that „My grandson attends a Chabad kindergarten in Tel Aviv”, many radiolisteners were taken aback. Koffman stated that there is „a waiting list of 460 kids to get into the kindergarten” and added that „this kind of kindergarten doesn’t need cameras” (referring to several instances of child abuse that have come to light in recent years as a result of surveillance cameras in kindergartens).


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