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Anti-Israel Activist Charged For Assaulting Jewish Man in NYC Claims ‘Jews Control Everything’

By 08/09/2022 3:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Despite facing federal hate crime charges, the anti-Israel activist who was charged with assaulting a Jewish man at a New York protest in April recently went on a rant on TikTok claiming ‘Jews control everything.’

Saadah Masoud took to TikTok saying, “A Zionist who came to one of our protests masked up, wearing a weapon and everything, swinging at everybody, and I disarmed him and now they are trying to charge me with a hate crime for that one.”

Source: JNS

In the TikTok video, which is no longer available for viewing, Masoud resorts to the old canards of Jews controlling to media, claiming he is being portrayed as an “evil guy [who] beats up Jews in New York City. … They, they control the media. They control everything.”

But, the truth of the matter according to the federal government the complaint filed on June 10 states that based on a “review of video surveillance,” Masoud “approaches Victim-1” (identified at the time of the assault as Matt Greenman, a Jewish man from Westchester, N.Y.), “grabs Victim-1 by the shoulder and throws Victim-1 to the ground.”

“ … [Masoud] begins striking Victim-1 on the head and the face, while shoving away bystanders who attempt to intervene,” the complaint continues, noting that the attack continued for “nearly 20 seconds.”

Currently out on bail, Massoud has been deemed by the Canary Mission as a man who “has a history of violence and of physically assaulting Israel supporters.” The ​​Canary Mission has also said Masoud “is a danger to Jews and the public at large. We hope the Justice Department will see a conviction of his hate crime in the courts.”


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