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Antisemites from the Goyim Defense League terrorize Jews attending services on Shabbat

By 06/25/2023 5:11 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Neo-Nazis brandishing swastika flags harassed and jeered at members of the Jewish community outside a Chabad in Georgia on Shabbat.

Synagogue-goers were reportedly startled by the unpleasant sight of “Goyim Defense League” Neo-Nazis staging a pretended “protest” outside their synagogue, according to reports in the local media and social media posts.

Even more troubling, the revolting episode took place one day after Jon Minadeo Jr., the GDL leader, was detained for staging a comparable exhibition the day before at a separate Jewish institution in Georgia, suggesting that it was part of a series of organized disturbances.

The Chabad of Cobb County, located just north of Atlanta, was the target of the gang of twelve or so GDL antisemites.

After being called and arriving on the site, law enforcement decided to stand by and let the event play out, with Jewish members of the congregation personally addressing the Neo-Nazis. Videos of the horrifying interactions are making the rounds on social media, with the Jewish members of the synagogue expressing indignation and calling for the hate group to leave right now.

In Macon, Georgia, on Friday, a brutal anti-Semitic protest resulted in the arrest of Minadeo Jr.

The Jewish community has been severely affected as a result of the arrest, which came after a string of upsetting events.

The article claims that GDL “protested” in front of a Jewish institution in downtown Macon earlier in the day.

Witnesses claimed that Minadeo Jr. shouted obscenities and broadcast messages of hatred while using a bullhorn.

The unsettling behavior continued after that.

Residents of the neighboring town of Warner Robins awoke to the horrifying sight of their front yards being covered in venomous antisemitic material.

When Minadeo was detained and transported to a police car, the GDL gang was allegedly live streaming the incident.

His bond was set at $910, and the accusations were described as “pretty minor,” with one being disorderly conduct and the other being “miscellaneous.”


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