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Antisemitic Speaker Taken Off CPAC Panel Due To Derogatory Comments Against Judaism

By 02/23/2021 9:30 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Young Pharoah, a social media conspiracy theorist has been called off from participating as a speaker at the conservative political conference- CPAC, due to his antisemitic comments. This year’s official theme for the CPAC conference is “America Uncanceled,” which will go into the deeply-rooted bias in tech against conservatives.

Pharaoh, an online commentator, and promoter of conspiracy theories was set to speak on a panel at CPAC, which is being held in Florida at the end of the month. The conference is traditionally a gathering of leading Republican and conservative officials and figures and will include former President Donald Trump this year, along with other politicians. 

Source: The Times of Israel

Initially invited to speak at the platform, Pharaoh has now been removed from the program following a report by Media Matters, a liberal media watchdog, which called attention to Young Pharaoh’s anti-Semitic tweets. Time and again, on his social media accounts, Pharoah has called Judaism a “complete lie,” referred to “thieving Jews” and said Israeli Jews commit pedophilia online. “All the #censorship & #pedophilia ON #socialmedia is being done by #Israeli #Jews” he wrote. “All #YouTube, #Twitter, #Facebook, & #Instagram are all owned or controlled directly by them!!”

Furthermore, Pharoah recently debated the existence of snow and has posted many videos making false claims about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine. The American Jewish Committee shared the article on Twitter, demanding CPAC “denounce his anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.”

Source: Fark

Following the media report that was brought to CPAC’s attention, the program released a statement on Twitter, saying, “We have just learned that someone we invited to CPAC has expressed reprehensible views that have no home with our conference or our organization.  The individual will not be participating at our conference.”

Reacting to this tweet, Pharoah let out his rage, replying, “THIS IS #CENSORSHIP AT ITS BEST! ALL BECAUSE I SAID “I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE VALIDITY OF #JUDAISM AND AM WILLING TO PLACE $50,000 ON MY SELF TO DEBATE THE TOP #JEWISH RABBI”’ NOW IM NO LONGER INVITED TO @CPAC_TV #RACIST , #DICTATORSHIP , #YOUNGPHARAOH” Young Pharaoh later confirmed with The Hill that he had been cut from his Saturday appearance; in an interview, he repeated several anti-Semitic claims and added: “Basically, I’m being censored.”


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