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Any Chinese balloons could be shot down, according to Taiwan

By 02/14/2023 10:58 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry declared Tuesday that it would fire down any suspected military item approaching its beaches from mainland China amid rumors of claimed Chinese spy balloons.

According to Maj, the self-governing island was on high alert for potential intrusions. Gen. Huang Wen-chi, the assistant deputy chief of general staff for intelligence, but none had yet been discovered to have breached its fortifications.

He claimed that the balloons discovered so far in Taiwan were used to study the weather.

They were pretty light and small and would burst once they reached a potentially dangerous altitude. He claimed that Taiwan has not yet discovered targets that call for a violent response.

When referring to the spy balloon shot down by the United States earlier this month after flying for days from above Alaska to South Carolina, Huang stated, “We haven’t seen such advanced surveillance balloons flown by the Chinese Communist Party in the waters surrounding Taiwan.”

Taiwan’s airspace and sea lanes are frequently violated by fighter planes and other military aircraft flown by China, which claims Taiwan as its territory that will be rejoined by force, if necessary.

According to Beijing, the downing of the Chinese balloon by the United States was an “obvious overreaction.” Beijing claims it was an unmanned airship designed for meteorological research that had been blown off course.

An “absurd and expensive large-scale political performance art event” had been commissioned by the American military. We also caution the American side against exerting too much energy should it strain its back, Wang said at a daily news briefing.

While acknowledging that officials had no idea the items were intended for surveillance in the same way as the high-altitude Chinese balloon, the White House defended the shooting down of three unexplained objects in two days.



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