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Arab-American Instagrammer Faces Backlash For Harassing Jewish Shoppers at Kosher Market

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An Arab-American comedian and content creator who goes by the name Dulla Mulla has been condemned for a recent Instagram video in which he is seen harassing Jewish shoppers at a local Kosher Market in Detroit, wherein he made them read out the words ‘Free Palestine’ as a prank. 

The video featured on Instagram, showed Mulla approaching shoppers at the Grove kosher market in the Southfield suburb of Detroit, and showing them a graphic with the words “Free Palestine” on his cellphone. “Can you read that?” the comedian, dressed in a sweater covered with Palestinian flags, asked one woman in the store’s frozen meat aisle.

Source: The Jerusalem Post

“Yep,” she responded dismissively, as she glanced at the phone.

Mulla then insisted, “Say it!”

“No, thank you,” the woman responded, before walking off.

After harassing a few more customers, the store manager approached him, and Mulla then relocated his act outside the store, where he continued to harass shoppers as they entered. One man responded, however, leaning into the camera and saying, “There is no Palestine.”

“Y’all hear that s***? You hear that?” a shocked Mulla answered. After the two conversed for a few seconds, Mulla told the man, “It’s the truth — free Palestine.”

“So what? Who cares?” the man replied. “You have nothing to do in your life?”

Source: YouTube

Approaching the 300,000 follower mark on Instagram, Dulla Mulla reacted to the backlash on an even stronger note, nonsensically confronting Jewish Americans about the Israel-Palestine conflict. “You’re mad because I’m going to people to say ‘Free Palestine,’ but it’s okay for you to go kill innocent kids and men and women? You guys are claiming that not all Jews are the same but yet the Jewish shoppers couldn’t say two simple words: ‘Free Palestine.’ Y’all just mad because your true colors came out!” he stated in his follow-up video posted on Monday.

After this, Mulla faced an even fiercer backlash from his own community, with one user writing- “Of course there’s going to be some Jewish people who do support Israel, but purposefully going into Jewish communities/shops and doing this is not pushing the movement to further progression, is it? Well done for saving countless Palestinian lives by pulling this cheap stunt.”

Another supposedly Arab user commented, “Wallah in all honesty @g_dulla_mulla you’re f***** up for doing that. You honestly went in wherever that place was and did this for a reaction & nothing more. You obviously knew that there’s bad blood between them and you’re just trying to make it as they are the bad guys. They live here and they have nothing to do with what’s going on over there. Like you’re funny and ma’shallah you have a good community behind you and they look up to you, but you don’t need to do any of this.”



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