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As 1,000 migrants are expected to arrive in NYC every week, Mayor Adams warns that vital services will be curtailed

By 12/19/2022 10:05 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

As a crucial Biden administration immigration policy expires this week, Mayor Adams warned Sunday that More Yorkers should prepare for more than 1,000 new migrants arriving every week and reductions in essential city services.

The mayor claimed in a statement that requests for funding and assistance from the city to deal with asylum seekers in severe need of service have been “largely ignored” by state and federal officials.

Adams declared, “our shelter system is full, and we are running out of resources, personnel, and room.” This can’t go on like this.

Since mid-October, the Biden administration has employed the controversial Title 42 border policy, which previous President Donald Trump utilized to hold asylum seekers in Mexico, to stop the influx of people fleeing persecution pouring into the city.

But that coverage is scheduled to expire on Wednesday.

Adams added, “We have been told in no uncertain terms that… we could expect an inflow of buses arriving from the border and that over 1,000 extra asylum seekers will arrive in New York City every week.” “We urgently require assistance.”

He warned that New Yorkers might pay dearly.

He said that the city’s capacity to care for new immigrants is in jeopardy, adding that corrective steps must be implemented quickly.

“Truth be told, if corrective actions are not adopted soon, we may very likely be compelled to reduce or curtail programs New Yorkers rely on.”

We don’t want to make these decisions, but we might have to, and I won’t be made to favor recent immigrants over native New Yorkers.

Adams commented on the eve of City Council oversight hearings that will examine how the city has handled migrant issues on Monday.

Top representatives from the city’s emergency management, health, hospitals, education, and other social services departments are anticipated to testify at the hearings.

The grim warning represented Adams’ most vociferous plea for assistance to date.

In October, Adams commended Biden’s Title 42 plan to reduce the number of asylum applicants taxing the city’s social services.

According to Adams, who blamed lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, the city is managing the requirements of more than 31,000 asylum seekers by operating 60 emergency shelters, four humanitarian relief centers, and two welcoming centers.

He claimed that despite requests from the New York congressional delegation for funds for the city, “many in Congress — both Republicans and Democrats — have failed to lift a finger.”

According to Adams, the Biden administration and Congress must direct asylum applicants to other locations, permit them to work, and send aid to cities bearing the brunt of the crisis.

He said that Albany should do its part as well.

“We’ve already spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars supporting this population in dire need,” he said.

Despite the fact that the problem began beyond the boundaries of our city, New Yorkers “have been made to shoulder this load almost entirely alone.”



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