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As COVID rules are relaxed, China will reduce certain travel tracking

By 12/12/2022 3:04 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

As part of an unclear transition away from the stringent pandemic laws that contributed to widespread protests, China planned to stop tracking some travel on Monday, potentially decreasing the probability that people may be placed in quarantine for visiting COVID-19 hot locations.

The smartphone app that tracked a person’s movement between cities and provinces would be turned off at midnight.

Another app that limits the movement of people who test positive or approach an area where an outbreak recently occurred is still in use.

They are a part of a collection of epidemic apps, some of which have also been employed by regional authorities to end demonstrations.

After three years of enforcing some of the strongest virus restrictions in the world, the government made the dramatic announcement this week that it was eliminating many of the most stringent prohibitions.

That included requiring a clean bill of health before entering public spaces, ongoing lockdowns, and almost continual testing.

Protests against the limitations turned into demands that leader Xi Jinping and the Communist Party resign last month in Beijing and many other cities, reaching a level of popular discontent unseen in decades.

Although welcomed, the calm has also given rise to worries about a fresh surge of illnesses that might strain some regions’ medical facilities.

The relaxing of restrictions results in a sharp decrease in testing, although it still seems like cases are increasing quickly.

Eight thousand five hundred new illnesses were recorded in China on Monday, raising the country’s total to 365,312 — more than quadruple the number on October 1. 5,235 deaths have been reported, compared to 1.1 million in the US.

The government-provided statistics from China have not been independently validated, and it has been questioned whether the Communist Party in power has attempted to reduce the number of cases and fatalities.

On Sunday, 22,000 patients visited Beijing hospitals’ fever clinics, a 16-fold increase from the previous week.


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